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Von's 1000Spirits bake everything in-house, including their sweet and savory beignets. (Image: Von's 1000Spirits)

Neighborly Neighborhood Advice: downtown Seattle

Whether you're vacationing, staycationing or daycationing in Seattle, the amount of restaurants to choose from can be quite overwhelming! Who better to turn to than the locals for advice?

I polled my Facebook community recently for favorite restaurants in downtown Seattle and Pike Place Market, and received a wide range of responses. With so many bountiful restaurant offerings in just a few short blocks, it shouldn't be surprising that the majority of this list features restaurants nestled within Pike Place Market. Here are some highlights:

"Steelhead [Diner] for people-watching or a great dinner while sitting at the bar. Virginia Inn for brunch or quiet dinner in the window. Radiator Whiskey for food/whiskey/mood, Zig Zag for late night people watching with cocktails, Matt's [in the Market] for anything hands down. And further into the core, I hear Jason [Wilson] is killing it at Miller's Guild." - Siiri S, Project Manager

"Turkish Delight in Pike Place Market is amazing. They have a lentil soup that is almost a curry, and pastry puffs full of beef, chicken or meatless with veggies and a bit of cheese in a curry sauce. So good. Pro tip: they only accept cash. Michou Deli has amazing sandwiches, the summertime the line is out the door, but it's always worth the wait. I also recommend Lowell's. Classic diner fare with a Northwest twist. Sit on the second floor for table service and amazing views of the water. Kastoori Grill (Indian) has an amazing lunch buffet." - Jasmine F, Web Designer

"Zig Zag's food is awesome. Menu changes frequently. I've had a camel burger and venison carpaccio there, among other less unusual things. Von's 1000Spirits is another interesting option. They bake everything in house, including sweet and savory beignets, sourdough bread and hamburger buns. And Aragona (brand new) has the absolute best desserts I've ever had." - Katy H., Community Director

Appearing multiple times on the list are Pike Place Market favorites, including The Pink Door, Le Pichet, Matt's in the Market, Maximilien, and Steelhead Diner.

Live in Seattle and want to add your own $0.02? Post your favorite restaurant in the comments below or add to the list, here.