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Happy 90th, Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse, one of the most recognized characters in the world - right now, this magnificent mouse is celebrating his 90 year anniversary.

It was back in 1928 that Walt Disney grabbed a pad and pencil and sketched this iconic character. Since then, this magical mouse continues to change lives. It doesn't matter what age you are, Mickey Mouse is the kind of character that sticks with you for a lifetime.

A big part of the Mickey Celebration is the daily sensational parade, of course the magical mouse leading the way down Main Street.

When the sun does down, nighttime kicks into high gear with the new high energy Mickey's Mix Magic Projection Show, surprisingly only a couple of lasers are used for this incredible display - but the combo of lights, classic Disney songs and fireworks makes this celebration reach new heights!

"I've been here for 27 years, and this is probably the tenth or twelfth large-scale spectacular that I've designed," said K.C. Wilkerson, Disney's Lighting Designer. "And there's something about working at that scale when you're working on a show that's so big that, you know, like the sky can't hold it, that it sort of transports you and the fact that you've got 8, 10, 12,000 people all over the park watching it and all enjoying that same moment at the same time, it's pretty incredible."

Right in the middle of this spectacular light show, 90-year-old Adele Bergstrom, just like Mickey, this is a celebration for the ages.

"I love Mickey. And Walt Disney is fantastic," said Bergstrom. "We just think he's great. It's nice and clean and you can bring anybody here and not be embarrassed or anything, you know. It's a good place."

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