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Flying high: what it's like to take a private charter flight

Most of us put booking private charter flights in the same category as buying Birkin bags and driving a Maserati – things that sound pretty cool but that we will probably not be doing anytime soon. Or like, ever.

The truth of the matter is that a charter flight can be relatively affordable for out-of-town group trips and special occasions when you want to maximize convenience, enjoy exemplary service or arrive in undeniable style.

Here’s what you can expect if you book a flight through Global Aviation, one of the Northwest’s premier charter companies.

1. A quick trip

Instead of waiting hours in a security line, you can go through a quick security screening and be on your way. Another plus is that all the luggage is directly loaded onto the plane and only belongs to you and your passengers. This not only eliminates the risk of luggage loss, it gives you back time that would have been wasted staring at the carousel trying to pick your black suitcase out from the twenty other suitcases just like it.

2. Unbeatable service

Global Aviation is known throughout the industry for providing its clientele with exceptional customer service. Booking is easy, the pilots are incredibly friendly and the aircraft are kept in pristine condition. As a full-service FBO, Global Aviation also maintains and services private aircrafts coming through the Pacific Northwest and has become the go-to option for discerning aircraft owners.

3. A smooth and stylish ride

You might think a private plane would be very turbulent and bouncy, but you’d be wrong – the Seattle Refined crew enjoyed a remarkably smooth ride on our flight. We also enjoyed the gorgeous woodwork and ample space throughout our aircraft. On a private charter flight, no one has to endure the maddening constrictions of limited legroom. Plus, there are no kids to kick your seatback unless you bring them yourself!

4. Plenty of snacks

Remember how airlines used to give you a little snack on every flight but now it seems like you have to go half way around the world to merit a measly packet of peanuts? That doesn’t happen on a private charter flight. You can munch away to your heart’s content, unearthing and demolishing the bounty of the snack basket even if your journey lasts for only an hour or two.

5. Sensational sights

If you fly out of the Seattle area, you can enjoy incredible views of the Puget Sound, Mount Rainier and other natural landmarks without having to worry about whether you’ll get the window seat.

Whether you’re running from business meeting to business meeting trying to save time or planning an unforgettable getaway for family or friends, Global Aviation can make sure your journey is convenient, enjoyable and hassle-free. To learn more, visit