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There are cruises, and then there are Ultra-Luxury Cruises

Knowing that, which one would you like to go on? Us too.

Seabourn is an ultra-luxury cruise-line headquartered right here in Seattle. Unlike your typical cruise, their ships are smaller, have fewer passengers, more luxurious cabins, and more crew members per passenger to cater to your every whim.

"The Seabourn brand is really about being the very best in luxury and ultra-luxury cruising today," said president Rick Meadows. "There are so many reasons why you want to take a Seabourn cruise. It's that opportunity to be really taken care of, to have a level of personalized service that is really all around you. It's a way to explore all seven continents. You can sail with us anywhere in the world and have just an unbelievable experience.

Of course part of an ultra-luxury cruise is the food. Seabourn has recently partnered with Thomas Keller, whose restaurant The French Laundry has twice been named Best Restaurant in the World.

"The French Laundry for me as a chef and as a person has been one of those things, those icons that you look up to," said Jes Paskins, executive chef of the Seabourn Sojourn. "So actually now to be a part of it, it makes you feel pretty good."

Chef Paskins also makes it a point to get off the boat and source some of the incredible ingredients he comes across as he travels the world in local markets. It all comes back to an incredible dining experience for every guest on the cruise.

But as much as Seabourn is about luxury, it's also about adventure.

"About four years ago, maybe five years ago we started our first cruises down to Antarctica where we of course put the zodiacs on board and the kayaks and of course we offer the zodiacs and the kayaks down in Antarctica," said Robin West, Director of Expedition Operations. "And out of that we kind of came up with an idea of doing a Ventures program on other itineraries in the world."

And after a fifteen year hiatus, Seabourn is again sailing to Alaska, with an itinerary built around this new Ventures Program.

"So what we've done with Alaska is we've taken the best of a traditional cruise and some of the best elements of a small expedition ship and we've really combined the two," said West.

The Ventures Program gets you off the cruise ship with expert biologists, geologists and historians. These experts take you up close and personal with the incredible Alaska landscape on zodiac tours, kayaking adventures and incredible glacier hiking.

"We actually take a route out onto the glacier and then into the ice caves themselves," she said. "That is a fantastic opportunity. We scouted it last year and of course this year there was no guarantee they were going to be there so we didn't advertise it as an ice cave we advertised it as a walk on a glacier. But luckily the caves are there this year so our guests are going to have a really unique experience to walk inside an ice cave and you've got a running river running through it, it is spectacular."