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(Image: Davenport Grand)

The rooftop igloos at Spokane's Davenport Hotel have us 's-mitten'

When it comes to Spokane accommodations, nothing tops a stay at one of the luxurious Davenport hotels. Equal parts refined and comfortable, the room, amenities, and customer service is top notch. And now, there’s an even bigger reason to stay at the Davenport Grand, the sleek, modern property that borders Riverfront Park.

The rooftop terrace is currently full of illuminated igloos perfect for hosting your own private party.

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The igloos are located on the second floor terrace, which serves as the patio of the Grand Terrace Bar during the summer. And while they’re only here for a limited time, they’ve been so wildly successful that they’ll most likely return next winter. The igloo experience is cozy, intimate, and unique. You’ll get to enjoy unparalleled views of the Spokane skyline while sipping on custom cocktails.

Here’s how it works: reserve your private igloo on OpenTable. They’re perfect for groups of two to four, but they can accommodate up to six guests comfortably. Then you’ll choose between three packages, which cost $250 - $300, depending on which one you select. The rate includes 90 minutes of igloo time, your own private “igloo butler,” a huge snack-filled spread (or sweet treats and cheese if you go with the Celebration Package), a $100 bar tab, free parking at the hotel, and an 18% gratuity for your igloo butler. The menu includes hot cocoa and mocktails for those who don’t imbibe.

The most popular pick is the $250 Grand Igloo Package. The snack spread includes Castelvetrano olives, Marcona almonds, antipasto, charcuterie and cheeses, pickled vegetables, house-smoked garlic hummus, and pita bread. Spend another $50 to upgrade to the Grand Igloo Premier Package (perfect for groups of four or more), which also includes King salmon cream, pickled onions, Ahi tuna poke, wonton crisps, Macadamia nuts, and delicious wild jumbo white Gulf prawns with housemade horseradish cocktail sauce. The Grand Igloo Celebration Package focuses more on desserts (chocolate covered strawberries, a cheese and fig compote plate, and the Davenport’s iconic peanut brittle, just to name a few), but the fee also includes a glass of JP Chenet Brut for each guest on top of the $100 bar tab that awaits you.

When you take into consideration the cost of a night out bar-hopping, it’s well worth it to spend that much to enjoy a more private experience like this one. And of course, the igloos are totally Instagram-worthy - they’re all decked out with cozy blankets, plush seating, and soft lighting. There’s even a speaker with bluetooth capabilities so you can play your favorite playlist during your igloo time.

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If you want to make this an unforgettable date night, you can also reserve a room at the Davenport Grand, one of the Davenport’s newest properties. Every spacious guest room is configured with the ultimate in comfort, with King beds, blackout drapes, fuzzy robes, and enormous showers.

The igloos are available for rent until April 1, and there are still plenty of time slots available. If you’re heading to Spokane this month, treat yourself to this one-of-a-kind experience.