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Kristy and Jim Larsen wed on on Alaska Airline s flight 461 in front of a plane full of passengers and Kristy's mother Billie Jo. (Image: Scott Carty / Seattle Refined)

Daughter's inflight wedding helps make sick mom's wish come true

Something special happened 35,000 feet in the air on Alaska Airlines flight #461 coming from Los Angeles to Sea-Tac on Friday night.

Kristy Larsen, an Alaska Airlines flight attendant, had arranged to grant three wishes to her mom Billie Jo Stimmel, who is currently battling Stage 4 cancer:

  1. Strimmel wanted to see her daughter's place of work in the skies with Alaska Airlines,
  2. She wanted to see where her daughter lived in the Puget Sound area; and most importantly,
  3. She wanted to see her daughter get married to the love of her life, Jim Larsen.

As Stimmel and a plane full of passengers looked on, with rose petals and ribbons lining the aisle, family friend Scott Wetzel performed the nuptials at the front of the airplane. Needless to say, there were very few dry eyes onboard.

The couple then made their way down a different kind of aisle, passing out candy to the passengers as a thank you for their participation.

Upon landing, Captain Heinz Heiber announced he was honored to have the wedding on his airplane. Passengers, including myself, felt the same way