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(Image: Seattle Refined)

Cars seemingly roll uphill by themselves on Gravity Hill outside Prosser, WA

Just outside Prosser, WA lurks a mysterious stretch of road where cars seem to be able to roll uphill without help from their engines.

Pull up to the start line, put your car in neutral and experience the strange sensation of accelerating uphill across seemingly flat ground.

Many reasons have been attributed to this strange occurrence; from aliens and ghosts to other paranormal interests. One urban legend insists that if you lightly dust flour or baby powder on your car, there will be child-sized handprints on it from, “being pushed uphill.” Other tales report the nearby gray barn at the crest of the hill is haunted by several young girls who met a brutal end and it is their handprints you see on the back of cars.then up a moderate incline toward an ominous, derelict looking farm structure. Still others say the gravity here has been augmented by large underground mineral deposits to pull cars toward and up the hill.

No matter the why, it works.

Skeptics say at Gravity Hill "perception is everything." For every person who says unusual forces are at work at this lonely locale, there are others who say it's all just an optical illusion where it appears to be an uphill incline but is in fact part of a larger downhill.

Want to experience Gravity Hill? Simply, pull up to the marked start line and put your car in neutral before releasing the brake. Slowly your car will start rolling forward before eventually stopping at the marked end line.

Locating Washington's Gravity Hill can take a bit of work. Located on North Crosby Road about 10-15 miles north of Prosser, the hill is just down the road from an old grain elevator which local legend claims to be haunted. From there just look for the start line painted on the pavement so you can experience this phenomenon yourself! For those desiring more detailed directions, Google Maps can easily point the way. Remember while the road is public property, the farm land located next to it is private land.