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(Photo Courtesy: Taylor Shellfish Farms Facebook page)

3 stops to make on your Chuckanut Drive road-trip

First completed in 1896, Chuckanut Drive’s gracious curves and splendid views have been delighting travelers for nearly 120 years. We traveled the 20-mile distance from Burlington to Fairhaven and found no shortage of fun things to do.

And eat.

Samish Bay Cheese is along the way, offering handmade cheeses and yogurt. They raise their own cows, milk them and make cheese. All on their quaint Skagit County Farm.

Owners Robert and Suzanne Wechsler love cheese and take great pride in the wide variety they offer to passers-by. From freshly made, to ten-year-old aged...they've got it.

Not too far away you’ll find Bow Hill Blueberries. This farm was founded in 1947 and manages to produce about 50,000 pounds of blueberries each year. Some of those berries are turned into homemade blueberry jam, blueberry mustard, blueberry juice, blueberry powder or even Lopez Island Blueberry Ice Cream. Yum!

But, if that’s not enough blueberries for you, they offer a Season Grazing Pass - which is exactly what it sounds like! Grazing Pass holders can swing by any Friday, Saturday or Sunday during harvest season to eat as many blueberries as they want.

Just a few scenic miles north, you’ll find Taylor Shellfish Farms. They’ve been farming oysters, mussels and clams for over 100 years and, as you could imagine, they’ve gotten really good at it!

Their seafood is delicious and available to-go or dine-in. If you choose to stay, you’ll love what they call their dining room: picnic tables overlooking the Puget Sound with views of the San Juans, and BBQs available to cook up your fresh seafood. Folks at Taylor Shellfish recommend seasoning the oysters with a little garlic-dill butter, Parmesan cheese and toasting them on the grill - or just raw - right outta the shell .

If you’re looking for a fun day trip, a scenic break from I-5 or just some delicious food, Chuckanut Drive may be worth a visit.