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Alaska Airlines and the Seattle International Film Festival are hosting a film competition on how travel has made your life better. (Image: Alaska Airlines)

Alaska Airlines & SIFF host film competition

Alaska Airlines and Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) have teamed up to host a film competition focusing on the importance of travel. Filmmakers are supposed to answer the question "How is your life different or better because of where you've traveled?" in a 30 seconds to 2 minute video.

Of course there is a slight catch - all videos have to include an "Alaska Airlines element" which, from what we can tell, just means having their logo in the video somewhere. So if your great travel experiences were with another airline, too bad so sad.

But on the other hand Alaska is offering the three winners round-trip travel for four (and SIFF's throwing in exclusive full festival passes), and possibly more exciting - you get to be on the in-flight videos they show everyone!

If you're interested, check out the complete rules and prizes, Submissions will be accepted now through April 17, and any age can participate.