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According to Trip Advisor, The Inn at the Market is Seattle's most romantic hotel. (Image: Josh Lewis / Seattle Refined)

Act fast: these hotels still have availability for Valentine's night

Most likely you are a master planner who has had Valentine's Day locked down for weeks. Flower delivery orders have been placed, romantic dinner reservations made, and thoughtful gifts bought. However, on the off chance you have in fact forgotten that Valentine's Day is this Friday, don't panic. These are Seattle's most romantic and highest rated hotels (according to Trip Advisor), and they still have openings for Valentine's Day night.

  1. Inn At The Market. This hotel is the highest rated on Trip Advisor, but the only room available is the Beecher's Loft suite, running $1,500 a night.
  2. Hotel 1000. Recently named one of U.S. News & Reports Best Hotels in the United States, this downtown hotspot has multiple rooms available for Friday night. Room rates vary between $399 - $719 a night.
  3. The Sorrento. Although the only rooms left at The Sorrento are suites, they're offering a 10% discount in honor of Valentine's Day. Rooms range from $269 - $669 (before the discount).
  4. The Edgewater. This iconic waterfront hotel has multiple rooms open for Valentine's Day night, ranging from $289 - $339.
  5. The Arctic Club. Possibly worth any price tag just to see their Northern Lights Dome Room, The Arctic Club has rooms available Friday nights starting at $204 and ranging up to $398.
  6. The Alexis. Move quick on this one, as of Monday afternoon The Alexis had limited availability left for Valentine's Day. Rooms are between $345 - $395.
  7. Hotel Vintage Park. Multiple rooms are available this Friday ranging from $191 - $564.

Note: All prices and availability noted as of Monday afternoon.