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If I can recommend one's a staycation. (Image courtesy of Hyatt Regency Bellevue).

A West Sider's Guide to 24 Hours in Bellevue

I'm ashamed to admit this, but I think I can count on one and a half hands how many times I've been to Bellevue.

Bellevue is absolutely blowing up right now. Between more and more businesses and restaurants popping up and the behemoth that is Amazon, slowly growing their company, the east side is expanding. And it's time for me too do so as well (meaning, get my west-side-dwelling-booty over there).

So I did. I packed up my bags and hit the ol' dusty trail. Here's what I did with my 24 hours in Bellevue (it was more like 18 hours, but that just doesn't sound as good).

For lodging, I stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue. They were celebrating their 30th anniversary and I am so happy that I was able to enjoy a getaway there. It's connected to literally everything in downtown Bellevue and I definitely utilized those sky bridges to get around. Those dang sky bridges were definitely one of the selling points for me - easy access to The Bellevue Collection (comprised of Bellevue Square, Lincoln Square, and Bellevue Place).

We (my mom and I, who is my #4EverPlusOne) stayed in the Olympic Suite which had incredible views of the water, downtown Bellevue and the tops of Seattle's skyline. We also had access to the perks that Regency Club Members get, which is an almost rooftop patio with unbelievable views of the area, as well as free snacks, and discounted beverages (seriously, a glass of wine as like $5). They also offer complimentary breakfast! The cool thing about this program is that if you're a big traveler for work or what-have-you, the Regency Club Membership transfers over to all Hyatt Regency locations.

My mom and I made a point to explore the area because we knew we wanted to do some damage to our wallets via SHOPPING!

After having a nice glass of wine and some cheese, my mom and I headed out towards Bellevue Square for some ~retail therapy~. We hit up Zara (a major staple in the Wynkoop gals closets), and Buckle, because they had the cutest summer clothes going on.

Before going shopping, I put a poll out on our Instagram page about where to go for dinner and there were so many suggestions that it became overwhelming. We knew that we wanted to walk somewhere, and everything around that area is so walkable, but we decided on JOEY Kitchen because the outdoor patio was too good to be true. It was right across the Hyatt Regency's driveway and looked so dang festive. It was a warm summer evening with tea lights decorating the patio and it looked so warm and inviting.

After JOEY, it was about 11 p.m. and honestly - my mom and I couldn't wait to go back and enjoy our room at the Hyatt. Because they gave us the Olympic Suite, it wasn't just any old hotel room - we had an entire living room area where we posted up, had a couple more glasses of vino and washed it down with some chocolates. Staycation mode: engaged.

For breakfast the next morning, Eques hosted. I've heard of Eques before but have never been (again because I am a west dweller who never leaves) but I was so delightfully surprised at how awesome the food was. I'm a breakfast girl THROUGH and THROUGH, so to say that I have high expectations is an understatement.

I'm a creature of habit and an omelet fiend so guess what I got - an omelet with ALL the fixins'. I was however debating between their vegetable hash dish and I confided in my server about my conflicting emotions. Guess what this beautiful woman did - she brought me the omelet AND a side of the hash. Gosh bless her. Her name was Angel and she surely was mine that morning. Thank you, Angel.

Anywhosies guys - after a short but sweet trip to the East, I would like to make the argument that we don't treat ourselves to enough staycations. They have all the elements of getting the heck out of dodge but without the expense or hassle of getting on an airplane or driving for hours and hours on end.

Grab your mom. Grab your gals. Grab your honey! Treat yourself to a nice evening in a nice hotel (probably the Hyatt Regency), enjoy some shopping and fill those bellies with some good grub. Happy staycationing, guys and gals.