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Portland Coffee Tour

A Caffeine Addict's Guide to Portland

Seattle versus Portland, Portland versus Seattle...we've heard it all. Inhabitants of one city usually turn their noses up to the other, but outsiders think we are basically the same city (does it annoy anyone else we're always clumped together)?? But at the end of the day we're the PNW, and we've got to stick together. Especially because we have a lot of the same values; like Coffee Above Everything (can we make CAE a thing? I'd get that tattoo).

So last time we were down there, we decided we would give the old PDX a run-through to tour all the best coffee shops - and we were pleasantly surprised! Here are the fruits of our labor; enjoy!

Prince Coffee
Prince is located at 2030 N. Willis Blvd. in Portland, and this cute little shop serves up some delicious coffee by Heart, Coava and Roseline. The space is beautiful and is staffed by really friendly baristas that were quick to offer up suggestions of other must-visit cafes in Portland.

Coava Roasters
We were told if we could only visit one coffee spot in Portland to go to Coava Roasters...and it did not disappoint. The location we specifically visited was at 1300 S.E. Grand Ave. in Portland, and it offered a large space that they share with a few other companies. The menu is simple but delicious.

Heart Coffee Roasters
Heart is located at 537 S.W. 12th Ave. in Portland, and gave us one of our best cups of coffee in the city. With minimalist design and informative baristas, this spot made for a great experience. We also recommend grabbing a cup of coffee here if you are waiting for brunch at Tasty n Alder.

Locale Coffee and Wine Bar
While Locale offers much more than just coffee, we were ecstatic to try their Cortado and were not disappointed. Located at 4330 N. Mississippi Ave. in Portland, they also serve up wine, beer and a great menu. Whether you're looking for a bite to eat or a coffee to hit the spot Locale is aptly named.

Tea Bar
With so much espresso we needed to take bean break and Tea Bar was the perfect alternative. Located at 1615 N.E. Killingsworth St. in Portland offered up dozens of different tea options and we loved them all. This spot is beautiful and a great cozy study space when the weather gets gloomy.

Upper Left Roasters
While the name may be a little too Instagram hashtag-y for us, but Upper Left Roasters at 1204 S.E. Clay St. in Portland was amazing. The spot was beautiful and had a ton of seating, but the coffee stole the real show. We drank our latte a little faster than we’d like to admit and definitely wouldn’t hesitate to shout #UpperLeftRoasters from all social media platforms.

Never Coffee
Never Coffee is one of the newest additions to the Portland coffee scene and we definitely are going to tell people we knew about it before they did. Located at 4243 S.E. Belmont St. Ste. 200 in Portland is a great spot with delicious Roseline coffee and friendly baristas.