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May is Wellness Month at Suncadia Resort, a gorgeous mountain escape an easy 80 miles from Seattle.

5 Ways to Revitalize, Energize + Exercise at Suncadia Wellness Month

It’s so easy to let life get out of balance. Between work, school, chores, family obligations and the rest of our daily concerns, many of us don’t take the time to focus on our own wellness.

May is Wellness Month at Suncadia Resort, a gorgeous mountain escape an easy 80 miles from Seattle. Here are some of the things happening at this 6,400-acre mountain playground in May that will revitalize you, energize you and exercise you so you can regain balance.

1. Compete in the Cadia Clash

Suncadia has over 40 miles of trails, and you can explore a small part of them at the Cadia Clash challenge race on May 6th. Great for all skill levels and activity levels, the race will test your ability to run, jump and think.

Work with team members to find special items en route, complete mental challenge sheets and run the course all within the time limit. The fun of competition, teamwork and a time crunch makes for an exciting exercise in physical and mental fitness.

2. Get KaisaFit

Seattle-based movement coach Kaisa Keranen is known for inventing challenging workouts that are also fun and spontaneous. Drawing on moves that use your bodyweight for resistance, KaisaFit workouts have been featured in Shape, Vogue, Self and Harpers Bazaar magazines. Kaisa was also one of Michelle Obama’s go-to trainers for her “Let’s Move” campaign.

On May 21, Kaisa will lead a complimentary class for Suncadia guests at Dawson Park. Suitable for all fitness levels, this class will give you a great workout and help you rediscover the joy of movement.

3. Be a Barnyard Warrior

This throwback event is inspired by “American Gladiators,” the 80s TV show that matched amateur athletes against one another and against the show’s roster of gladiators.

“American Gladiators” isn’t running anymore, but you can still get in on the fun – sign up for Barnyard Warrior then dodge, dive and dip your way through a series of obstacles in the Nelson Farm arena on May 27. Challenging and tons of fun, this event is sure to please whether you’re going solo or taking advantage of special family rates.

4. Have a very refined run / jog / walk

The Mommy & Me Tea Party 5K on May 14 is perfect for those who enjoy exercise and the finer things in life. Everyone will wear their favorite tea party hat while running, jogging or strolling along the race route, then participants will gather at the Gas Lamp Grill for tea party pleasantries.

5. Move around the kitchen and the spa, too

Wellness isn’t just about exercise, although Suncadia’s trails, parks, kayaks, bikes and sleek fitness facilities will make you want to move. There are several Wellness Month specials that encourage you to explore other areas of wellness too.

A Wellness Weekend Room Package includes a room as well as spa access, yoga classes, a Chef Demo / Healthy Cooking Class, a hike with a picnic, a class with KaisaFit and breakfast on Sunday.

There’s also a special at Glade Springs Spa that includes discounted access and an 80-minute Be Well Body Treatment that includes dry brushing and a seaweed serum massage that moisturizes and energizes.

Whether you focus on wellness or adventure, Suncadia’s natural beauty, fresh air and unrivaled views are sure to help you relax so you can return home refreshed. They even have opportunities for those interested in owning a vacation home, including homesites where you can build your dream getaway and move-in-ready homes, condos and cabins. To learn more and book your stay, visit