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CampCadia makes use of the resort's fun activities – including the pool!

5 Hidden Gems to Enjoy at Suncadia This Summer

Suncadia resort has plenty of well-known attractions, but this dreamy getaway also has lots of hidden gems that fewer people know about. Book a trip to get away from it all and enjoy these five unexpected perks.

1.Complimentary Disc Golf

Playing through the disc golf course at Dawson Park is a fun way to pass the day with the family or spend some solo time outdoors.

Throw the small, Frisbee-like disc into special baskets placed strategically around the grounds and try to get from one to the next using the lowest number of throws possible. Engaging enough to keep younger kids interested and simple enough to allow your mind to wander, Disc Golfing is an exciting way to take in the remarkable beauty of Dawson Park.

2.Dawson’s dog park

If you brought your best pal along on your trip to Suncadia, he or she is in for a big treat. The off-leash dog park within Dawson Park gives you a chance to let your loyal companion loose.

Chase each other around, have a rousing game of fetch, doze under a tree or play with the other doggies enjoying the park. No matter what you do, your best pal will love spending some quality time together outside in the fresh air of the Cascade Mountain wilderness.


Kids will love this one, and so will parents. Sign your 4 to 12 year-old up for a three-hour or full day session and wander off on your own. Kids will make friends with other campers as they partake in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

Designed to maximize fun, activities can include canoeing, hiking, arts and crafts, games and other kinds of indoor and outdoor programming. Whether you have an only child who wants some play time or you want some play time without your kids, CampCadia offers an enjoyable and safe option.

4.Become a Junior Ranger

Sorry, not you – your kids! Kids can join real Wilderness Rangers for a crash course in the area’s native plants, wildlife and geology with fun activities and hands-on demonstrations.

Junior Rangers in training will learn orienteering with a compass, archery skills and how to survive off the land in the Pacific Northwest. At the end of the day, they’ll leave with an official signed, stamped and dated “Suncadia Junior Ranger” certificate recognizing their new knowledge and status as a wilderness expert.


So you know about golf and you read about Disc Golf but have you ever tried Foot Golf? Suncadia offers FootGolf on the Rope Rider Golf Course after 3 p.m.

This game is basically like golf, but it’s played with 21-inch diameter cups and soccer balls. Fun for kids and a lot less frustrating than trying to master real golf, this is an active and quirky sport the whole family can enjoy. And who knows – maybe you’ll finally get that elusive hole-in-one you’ve been working on!

From the expected to the surprising, Suncadia has an incredible variety of activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy. They even have opportunities for those interested in owning a home, including homesites where you can build your dream getaway and move-in-ready homes, condos and cabins. To learn more and book your stay, visit