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Get outdoors! Here in the Northwest, we're able to create staycations on a sandy beach or beautiful mountain trails. Whether you staycation in a tent or cabin, getting outdoors helps you reconnect with nature and your loved ones! (Image: Ashley Breckel)

10 reasons to take a staycation

If you live in Seattle, it's more than likely you love this region. There's something for everyone, whether you're a music lover, thoughtful omnivore, hiker, artist, socialite and beyond. Life is busy. It refuses to slow down. So it's up to us to make an effort to relax and take a break. Enter: the staycation. Whether you book a few hotel nights or simply play tourist with your apartment as home base, a staycation can give you the feeling of a vacation without the big commitment.

Here are ten reasons to plan a staycation:

Fall deeper in love with your city

Acting like a tourist in your own region will help you discover restaurants, spas and experiences you never knew about or always wanted to try. By choosing to vacation in your own area, you can find new reasons to love your city, which will add to your general happiness throughout the year because you learn to love more about the place you live!


It's easy to get stuck in a pattern where you find yourself being busy all the time. Studies continue to show us how much havoc stress has on not only our emotions but also our physical wellbeing. Be sure not to overbook yourself during a staycation. Step outside your daily routine, walk away from the work and chores of daily life, and sleep in!

Save Money

Staying in the area will cut down costs by eliminating the need for plane tickets and rental cars. There are also sites you can subscribe to which will help you find great deals in your area, including discounts on meals, hotels and activities. While staying in hotels, lodges and bed and breakfasts can add to the staycation experience, a satisfying staycation can also be had while sleeping in your own bed at night, allowing you to get the benefits of a vacation without paying for nights away.


There's an incredible world out there, right outside your door. You don't need to travel to other countries to find it! Seattle and the Northwest offer countless types of fun for you to enjoy during a staycation. No worrying about delayed flights or lost luggage either!


When you step away from your daily routine, try to unplug as much as possible. Focus on using devices only when absolutely needed. A day or two without constant use of your phone and the internet can help remind you how life can be when you choose to live in the moment.

Make the most of your time

Not much time? No problem. You don't have to take a week off or longer to feel the effects you're craving from a vacation. It's all about intention. Sometimes we simply don't have the ability to step away from our responsibilities for more than a day or two, but that doesn't mean we can't fully relax with the time we do have.

Change your perspective

Live in the city? Incredible hiking trails and camping spots are just a short distance away. Get back in touch with nature or simply experience the city in an entirely new way. It's easy to get stuck in patterns and routines and it's important to break them up from time to time to enjoy the world in new ways.

Keep a Lower Carbon Footprint

Help the environment - a short drive will help you keep a much lower carbon footprint than flying!

Connect more with loved ones

Be mindful with the time you spend with your partner, close friends or family. It's easy to be distracted when spending time with others, especially those you see on a daily basis. Choosing to take a staycation can help you connect with your loves in new ways, improve your ability to be present and mindful when spending time with them and simply increase your joy and shared memories!

Connect more with yourself

You deserve to improve your relationship with yourself! Whether you decide to have a relaxing staycation or a more adventurous one, you're bound to get back in touch with the sides of you that have nothing to do with spreadsheets, laundry and to-do lists. You might even discover new things about yourself during your staycation. Focus inward and pursue what YOU want to do (or not do) without the responsibilities of being at home.

What are you waiting for? Get out your calendar and set a date for your next staycation!