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Don't be scared by the food truck called Xplosive

It took a clash of cultures to ignite the powder keg of flavor that is the Seattle Food Truck, Xplosive.

"My wife is Vietnamese and I'm Filipino," said owner Romano Basilio. "We just thought we could combine the two and everything worked out. The flavors was amazing!"

The couple says the name of their truck is perfect, because their food is bomb.

" Xplosive means the flavor is unique and one of a kind," said Romano. "When you have one of our sandwiches, it is an explosion in your mouth."

The fusion street food is a hit with the high-tech workers in South Lake Union, who line up five days a week to scarf down Xplosive's signature dish: the Banh Mi.

The Basilio's version of the Filipino Vietnamese sandwich is a foot long, and comes with your choice of meat, and either traditional Vietnamese filling or Filipino filling.

Not in the mood for a foot long? The truck is also known for their fusion tacos. There's the Filipino Steak and the Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken.

"We usually do a special where there are five tacos," said Basilio. "People love that because they can do an assortment of things."

And last but not least, fried rice! You guessed it - done one of two ways; Filipino or Vietnamese style.

"The chicken adobo fried rice has chicken adobo AND the rice is flavored with adobo sauce," said Basilio. "Soys sauce, vinegar, garlic and onions - and it's topped off with an over-easy egg!"

The couple says there's no bombshell when it comes to Xpolsive's success - it's just a couple of people doing what they love!