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Windstar Cruises is the official cruise line of the James Beard Foundation, dedicated to providing guests with the best food and drink the world has to offer.

Culinary expertise jumps off the plate aboard Windstar Cruises

Taking your next vacation with Windstar Cruises puts you in the perfect place to enjoy some of the finest and freshest food the world has to offer. Whether it's seafood from the waters around you, local ingredients purchased from the markets on the shore, or food prepared by the chefs on board the ship, you'll find everything you need to eat and drink until your heart is content. This is, after all, the official cruise line of the James Beard Foundation, which was created to highlight chefs, writers and restaurateurs dedicated to improving the culinary arts in America.

Six times per year, Windstar Cruises presents specific cruises centered around culinary experiences. Food and drink experts will get to know the guests on each ship on a personal level, dining with them while sharing culinary tips and secrets that can be used long after the cruise is over. Chefs will demo their recipes so guests can see them being prepared. Wine tasting is also offered to guests old enough to enjoy it. Even if you're unable to fit one of these six special cruises into your vacation schedule, all of Windstar's ships serve James Beard Foundation chef-inspired dishes so guests don't miss out on the recipes created by this renowned lineup of chefs.

The excellent food quality Windstar Cruises offers is paired with menus tailored to reflect the region in which the ship is traveling. The cruise line sails all over the world, including the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Tahiti, and U.S coastal areas like Alaska. Your meals aboard the ship will feature local ingredients, leading to dishes like a conch salad from the Caribbean, pesto pasta dishes from Liguria, Italy, and poisson cru in Tahiti, to name a few.

Guests can dine in multiple restaurants aboard the Windstar ships, choosing the "who, where, and when" of their dining experience. A full-service breakfast experience or a buffet are available in Veranda, along with a lunch menu later in the day. Evening meals can be enjoyed in Amphora, where guests will experience multi-course meals accompanied by a selection of vintage wines. Stella Bistro, exclusive to voyages aboard the Wind Surf only, is a French-style bistro specializing in fine wines and desserts that go along with the menu. Finally, Candles allows guests to enjoy the outdoors in a romantic atmosphere features items from the grill. In addition to all of these options, the Windstar Signature Onboard Barbeque is built into the schedule of every cruise, highlighting a roast suckling pig as the main entrée to go along with an evening of entertainment.

If you can wait until next year, Windstar Cruises is planning to add two new restaurants to the lineup as well, offered exclusively aboard any of the three all-suite Star Class ships. The modern, casual Star Grill by Steven Raichlen will specialize in grilled, smoked and rotisserie dishes, while Cuadro 44 by Anthony Sasso will have a more intimate and artistic feel and serve Spanish-style dishes.

Be sure to branch out beyond the onboard options and explore the various ports along your cruise route to find some of the local gems nearby. Ship chefs will even accompany shoppers to the local market, educating them on what to choose for their next meal on board as well as when they return home.

There is no shortage of opportunity for voyagers interested in vineyards, breweries, and distilleries, as well as interactive cooking classes and shopping in local markets.

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