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What's New Pike Place.jpg

WATCH: What's New at Pike Place Market?

Seattle's Pike Place Market has deep roots and historic landmarks, but there are some new kids on the block that we just had to cheers to!

The Old Stove Brewery recently opened its doors on 1st Avenue. It's a great place to grab a pint and there is a lot to choose from. "We have 16 rotating taps. We were not as focused on creating a brand around one or two beers, we'd rather have the freedom to wake up and brew what's on our mind that day," said co-founder Brian Stan. Stan also said all the magic at Old Stove Brewery happens down below the pub. The brewery is loaded with stainless steel tanks fermenting tasty suds. Old Stove Brewery will crank out 2,000 barrels of beer a year.

Right next door, you will feel at home at Shugs Soda Fountain - an old fashion ice cream and soda shop. You can take the whole family, even your grandparents will love it! The soda machine is authentic dating back to the 1930s! Owner Colleen Wilkie said, "I'm a sucker for old time things, everything from old cars to this old beautiful soda fountain. We could serve up ice cream like everybody else but this is absolutely gorgeous. Why not show case something from the past and bring it back to the future."

Lastly, Rachel's Ginger Beer has taken over Pike Place Market over the last year or two. The store sits in a prime location and most of their drinks are premade with booze. Owner Rachel Marshall said, "about half of these dispense all of our flavors which is about 10 with the other half dispensing ginger beer cocktails ." We tried it ourselves and all we have to say is... YUM!