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What's new at Archie McPhee? Banana slugs and sloths

If you live in Seattle you already know Archie McPhee is your one-stop-shop for giant underpants, bacon-scented mustaches, supersize macaroni and cheese and olive loaf pillow cases. But Roger from Archie McPhee, better known as “The Duke of Doodads” says brand new stuff comes in literally every week.

So, what’s hot right now? Banana Slugs.

They have sticky suction cup slugs, slug masks and for those early holiday shoppers a shimmering gold banana slug Christmas ornament!

The Duke says sloths are also on trend right now. From sloth socks to sloth adhesive bandages. Roger says these bandages are best for “healing at your own pace.”

And, from the people who brought you classic games like “Oh No, Zombies,” “The Crazy Cat Lady Game” and “Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure” comes, “Go to Hell – The Game.”

It’s based on the Classic Italian Poem “Dante’s Inferno.” Players race to the lowest rung of Hell, navigating the Seven Deadly Sins and other horrors in a race to the finish.

But, my favorite new product may be “The Emergency Replacement Sock.” Perfect for those damp Seattle winters and the sock soaking puddles that come with them.