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Toyota: Let's Go Places.<p></p>

What you can learn about Toyota at the So Northwest Women's Show

Inspiration doesn't favor those who sit still. If you find yourself in need of a little adventure - or an upgrade at the wheel - stop by the Western Washington Toyota Dealers booth at the So Northwest Women's Show this weekend, February 24-25, for information on Toyota's 2018 lineup.

You'll walk the Toyota red carpet, lined with the latest releases, including:

  • 2018 Camry Hybrid: An elegant, efficient take on the Toyota classic.
  • 2018 Corolla Sport: A smart, compact vehicle flush with advanced technology and a sporty interior
  • 2018 Highlander XLE: An impressively versatile SUV with features to please the whole family
  • 2018 Sienna Van XLE: A powerful, bold and stylish vehicle built for comfort and performance
  • 2018 4RUNNER: A wild ride with a durable frame made for off-road adventures
  • 2018 RAV4 Hybrid: A spacious, technologically-advanced vehicle created to do a little bit of everything.
  • 2018 Tacoma Truck: A compact truck with the power and ability to do all a full-sized pick-up can.
  • 2018 Special Edition 860: A one-of-a-kind sports car with a stylish, and even somewhat fancy, touch.

Interested in owning one of these fine vehicles? Here are just a few of the many tips for buying that you'll learn while visiting the booth:

Do your research. Information is power, and the information you seek is out there now. Arm yourself with it; information is more readily available than ever, especially on the internet. Remember, the internet is your friend. For example, is a great resource that is specific to Toyota, giving you all the information you need right at your fingertips.

What you should bring. If you're intent on buying the day you visit a dealership, bring your Washington driver's license and proof of insurance. If you are thinking of trading in a vehicle, you'll want to bring banking information that details your terms of payment (this is only if, of course, you are still paying off your current car). You'll also want to consider bringing the registration and title to expedite the process.

Take notes. Write down everything you do and do not like about the car, and you can walk through these with a salesperson at the dealership.

For more information on the new 2018 Toyota vehicle models and how you can own one, visit the So Northwest Women's Show this weekend, or go to

"Let's go beyond everything we know. Let's embrace everything we don't. Let's not just look toward the future, but define it. We've learned that inspiration doesn't favor those who sit still. So let's be bold. Ambitious. Even unconventional. Because that's where big ideas come from. Ideas that not only take you places you can find on a map, but also ones you can find in your heart. Let's go places, together." - Western Washington Toyota Dealers