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Divine Movement offers Pole Dancing Classes in Seattle and Kirkland (photo: Divine Movement)

Bringing Sexy Back...with pole dancing

Let's be honest, most people love to dance (mainly in the privacy of their own home) but, either way, people love to BREAK. IT. DOWN. That's why we're dedicating May to be our Unofficial Official Dance Month. You're welcome.

Last week we were hip-hopin' around town, but this week we're going a little....sultrier.

Pole Dancing.

We headed to Seattle's Divine Movement where women find their sexy side and get empowered after one class. It's also a killer workout! We sent our our Unofficial Official Dance Team (aka web writer Gena Wynkoop and TV contributor Carey Brandenburg) to check it out.

"I would not say this is a stripper factory by any means," said Trisha McKinstry. "I think it's a confidence factory. Hopefully Carey and Gena walk away saying 'That was hard but I think I can do it!'"

Carey and Gena had more fun than they thought! They laughed a lot (it's not easy to do in front of cameras) but also loved it.

"Honestly, it was challenging," said Carey. "But I wanted to keep going and keep learning more because once you get it, you're like 'WOW okay I did it, lets do something else!'"

"I'm sure we looked incredibly awkward, but in your head you think it looks great," Gena laughed.

To see Carey and Gena in action, watch the video.