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We got a Comicon Makeover and it was AMAZING

It's Seattle's version of Revenge of the Nerds, as the countdown begins to the 15th Annual Emerald City Comicon. Thousands of colorful characters, many in costume, will converge on the Washington State Convention Center beginning Thursday, March 2 for this massive convention. If you don't know about it, trust us, it's a really big deal.

And, if you have an inner geek that needs to be celebrated, this is your chance. From sci-fi to super heroes, wizards and zombies, you're bound to find it at ECCC. And for one local company, it's a captive audience of ideal customers.

"We are a very different makeup company," said Jaimie Cordero, Espionage Cosmetics CEO. "We refer to ourselves as nerd makeup. You know, Revlon and Covergirl are very good at what they do, but they kind of ignore a market that we are and that is nerd girls that are into comic books and video games, and were more into math club than learning how to put on eye liner."

Just the type of person you'll find at Comicon, and you better believe Espionage Cosmetics will be there too.

"So, Emerald City Comicon is in my personal opinion, and I might be a little biased, the best show in the U.S.," explained Cordero. "And, we travel to shows all over the country. This is our favorite, not just because it's here. It's because it's so well curated, so well crafted."

Refined stopped by Espionage Cosmetics' headquarters in Tacoma where I went from Seattle Refined producer to the female version of Aquaman. We call her, Lady Aquaman.

"So what we're doing with Kelly today, is we're kind of doing an homage to the new Aquaman that Jason Mamoa is going to be playing, because he's also one of the guests this year," said Dawn Dominick, makeup artist. "So, we're just going to do an everyday beauty look. But then we're going to jazz it up with some special effects. Scales, and some of his tattoo work that he's wearing. And we're just going to make her have this beachy, wavy... cause you know he's Aquaman, he lives in the sea, so we're going to give her the sea siren hair to just bring everything together. It's going to be really, really awesome."

After getting the full Hollywood treatment, Kelly was finally ready to unveil her new Comicon look....