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Seattle-based business is bringing floating to the masses

By now you've probably heard of Urban Float, the Seattle-based business that's bringing floating to the masses.

"Urban Float is a hydro therapy spa. It used to be called sensory deprivation, now we call it float therapy," explained Joe Beaudry, co-founder of Urban Float. "The idea is you come into our center and it's a place to get total relaxation and recovery from pain, maybe some intense sports activity, or just better sleep at night."

Beaudry and co-founder Scott Swerland opened the first Urban Float in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood back in 2013. Now they've got locations around Western Washington, along with franchises across the country. That number is only expected to grow after the partners took a float with the Sharks.

"Shark Tank is the Super Bowl of business. It happens once a week throughout their season and it is epic," Swerland told me. "You walk out. You hit the mark under lights like these. You stop and you go."

"We were in there for 50 minutes," Swerland explained. "It is full-blown game one. You give your pitch, which of course we practiced, and we nailed the pitch I think. But then it's game on. No holds barred. Mark [Cuban] is asking a question, Kevin [O'Leary] is interrupting - it's crazy."

Swerland and Beaudry were initially focused on landing a deal with Mark Cuban. He dropped out, but other sharks were circling.

"Mr. Wonderful puts an offer on the table. [It] felt incredible. It's like okay, somebody gets it, sees the value in the business. We get to Matt Higgins, the guest shark, and he throws out an offer. I'm feeling great. Two offers," said Beaudry. "Ultimately we went with Matt Higgins because he also had connections to the sports world but also really understands mindfulness. He has floated himself - being that he understood the product and the service, that really resonated with us and that's a big reason why we went with Matt."

They may have made a deal with Matt in the Tank but, ultimately, they decided to walk away.

"After going through the due diligence process we decided it really wasn't the best fit," explained Beaudry. "However Matt has been great. He loves what we're doing. He's super supportive of it. And he's made some of his resources available to us ongoing regardless of the fact that we ultimately did not close the deal."

Scott and Joe's time in the Tank may have been an adrenaline rush, but I wanted to see if I could actually relax inside one of Urban Float's pods. Check out the video above to see my Urban Float experience.