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Greg McCormick Allen, Kate Jaeger, Lisa Estridge, Vickielee Wohlbach, and Duncan Frost | Photo by Elise Bakketun

Uh oh - Seattle Children's Theater is infested with Naked Mole Rats!

It's not very often the word "naked" appears in the title of a musical at Seattle Children's Theater.

But it does! Right now on stage is "The Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Rock Experience", the adaptation of the popular children's book written by New York Times Best Seller, Mo Willems.

The story follows the life of a mole who is feeling the pressure of trying to fit in with everyone around him. The play is full of life lessons and it's not just for kids... adults will love it too!

Our youngest correspondent, Svendsgaard Swanson, went backstage to see what it takes to pull off such an amazing rock-n-roll performance

"The Naked Mole Rat" runs through May 13th.