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Tyrah Majors is a Traffic Anchor and Reporter for KOMO TV in Seattle. (Image: Tyrah Majors)

Meet Tyrah Majors: Traffic Anchor, Author & Illustrator

The multi-talented Tyrah Majors is a new member of the KOMO Morning News Team. Refined caught up with her to get the scoop on her new gig, and how she's liking Seattle. We also wanted to get the 411 on her charming children's book 'Grammy and Me' - she wrote and illustrated it when she was a college student.

Tyrah Majors you are an anchor and reporter at KOMO TV, AND you’re a published author. But before we get to your book, I want to say welcome to KOMO!
Tyrah Majors: Thanks so much for having me.

How have you enjoyed working with the KOMO Morning Team so far?
Everyone is really close knit there, and they’ve been really welcoming. I’m a traffic anchor and I also report but imagine being from a completely different city and trying to learn all the roads and highways and interstates. Before every traffic segment I’m like ‘Hey Kelly, Ryan is this how you pronounce this’?

You’re a California gal...
I’m a SoCal girl through and through, born and raised in San Diego CA, worked in Bakersfield where it’s hot and sunny and sunshine all the time. This has been a complete adjustment. There’s a lot of diversity here I appreciate. It’s something I didn’t get a lot of in Bakersfield or even growing up in San Diego.

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In addition to being a reporter you’re also a writer. Tell us about your book "Grammy and Me."
"Grammy and Me" tells the story of a young girl spending the day with her grandma. It goes from their adventures form morning to night basically. My parents would work while my siblings and I were on summer vacation, so we’d get dropped off at Grammy’s house and we’d get to spend the whole day with her. She passed away when I was a freshman in college, that was 2014. So me writing the book was a way for me to not only cope with the grieving process but also embrace those memories.

What was your Grandma’s name and what was she like?
My granny’s name was Velma. She loved fashion, she loved shopping - she loved just showing up and showing out.

Besides writing it you actually illustrated it too.
I decided if I’m the best person to tell my own story I’m probably the best person to show my own story as well.

What are you hoping that little ones get out of this book?
The main premise of the book is quality time, family values. The characters in the books, they look like me and they look like my great grandma so that was really important thing for me to include in the book - characters of color. One of my missions and goals as an author is always have kids see characters that look like them.

The essence of this book is about family, but you’re using the sales of this book to help other families too.
Obviously 2020 was a devastating year for a lot of people. I came across this organization No Kid Hungry, I saw what their mission was, it was to feed kids that don’t have enough food on they tables. I was able to donate proceeds from book sales to that organization.

Are you working on any more books?
‘Papa and Me ‘is in the works. You guys get the exclusive I guess!

Tyrah Majors welcome to KOMO - congrats on your book.
Thank you so much Malia.

You can see Tyrah on KOMO TV's Morning News starting at 4:30 am weekdays. You can purchase 'Grammy an Me' on Amazon. For more about Tyrah, check out her website.