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Image: Jeremy Daniel

There's Something Rotten going on at 5th Ave

We hate to spread rumors. Normally, we try to stay away from idle gossip. But, we need to tell you, we heard there's Something Rotten! going on at Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre. Something wonderfully rotten, in fact.

The smash, Broadway hit is finally on stage in Seattle. Something Rotten! tells the tale of two brothers trying to write a play compete with Shakespeare, the rock star of the 1590s. Blake Hammond is in love with the show and his role. He plays an outrageous character.

"Nostradamus is a soothsayer or a fortune teller, kind of" he explained. "He sees the future. And he loves what he does. He's sort of desperate to find a patron because it's hard times. He's enthusiastic but he's not quite completely right all the time. The older brother comes to me for help to see what the next big thing in theater is going to be. And I try to figure that out for him and we start the first musical ever made."

Blake is no stranger to over-the-top roles. He starred as Uncle Fester in The Addams Family, as Edna Turnblad in Hairspray, even Pumbaa, the wart hog, in Lion King.

"They're obviously all character roles, and I'm a character man," he continued. "And, you end up playing these roles that are written for someone unique and different, not the leading man. It's been one of my favorite roles I've ever played in my whole life. And I've played a lot of roles. The show's really about having a good time and about joy and enjoying your life. Laughter. There's no message here. There's no big theme here. Be true to yourself. Live your life authentically. And, I think that's what I would say comes from the show."

Blake is the only cast member doing his own character makeup. So of course, we had to stay and watch him get ready for show time. Check it out in the video above!