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Cayenne, white chocolate and oranges? It works. (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

The chocolate pairings you may have never thought of

A while back we told you about jcoco, the Seattle Chocolates' spin-off brand touting American couture chocolate.

Jean Thompson is the "j" in jcoco, and makes it a point with her team to find combinations that actually work - and taste good - and aren't just for shock value.

Jcoco just opened up a store in the Bellevue Collection, where they'll be posted up showcasing their delicacies and even hosting tasting parties for the next seven months.

We stopped by for a tasting...and were blown away at some of the combos they put in front of us.

Milk chocolate + flaked coconut + pecans. This is their Vanuatu Coconut Pecan bar, and the theme of the shop currently (think bright bold blues). Every couple of months the store will redesign after a new bar. Another surprise? It's delicious when paired with Bellavitano Chai cheese.

Dark chocolate chips + black mission figs + pistachios. Their black fig pistachio bar is a richer chocolate then you'd expect. The figs are subtle, not overpowering at all.

White chocolate chips + oranges + cayenne. Most people balk at white chocolate already, let alone when you add cayenne to it. This weirdly works, and you take away a tropically sweet taste you might not expect. jcoco also mixed up a "Smoking Hot Italian" cocktail, with Scotch, Aperol and Galliano that paired beautifully with the sweetness.

Other fun pairs?

Local company Bean Box (remember them?) are also pairing some of their coffees with jcoco chocolate: