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Award-winning massage therapists are ready to provide treatment in your home.

Take the edge off with a massage that's more convenient than ever

Many of the things we do are now in the comfort of our own home. Why should getting a massage be any different? Relax like you never have before with the destressing or pain-relieving at-home treatment offered by the award-winning massage therapists at Dreamclinic.

Booking an in-home massage is incredibly easy. Just choose a time that works for you, request it online, and get ready for treatment.

An experienced massage therapist who lives or works near you will come to your door at your requested time. Before the therapist arrives, you'll receive guidance for preparing your home for the massage experience.

You can specify your needs when you schedule the appointment, and you can also review your specific goals for your massage when you talk with your therapist on the day of the appointment. This communication helps the therapist learn about you and deliver a treatment customized to your needs. You can feel confident that you're talking to someone who knows how your body works and how to use that knowledge to give you the best treatment possible. Everything is tailored to you and your goals, starting from the home experience and ending (hopefully) with a refreshed mind and body.

Research has shown that there are plenty of health benefits to massage, including an increase in the number of white blood cells in your body, which lends aid to your body's immune system when fighting off infections. That's more important now than ever. Massage can also relieve stress, treat muscular injuries, and improve circulation. Studies have also shown success in treating headaches, fibromyalgia, and anxiety.

Dreamclinic has a team of experts who specialize in different areas, including stress relief, muscle soreness, back and neck pain treatment, pregnancy work, and sports injury treatment.

Since 2003, Dreamclinic has become renowned for best-in-industry massage therapy to clients. Staff members are dedicated to improving their craft through mentorship, training, and continued education.

Contact Dreamclinic today to schedule your in-home massage treatment. You can schedule an appointment online or call (206) 525-0726. If you want to visit Dreamclinic in person, they have three locations available (two in Seattle and one in Redmond).

If you want to include massage therapy into your life on a regular basis, become a Dreamclinic Enthusiast Member. This monthly Wellness plan offers a monthly massage session, at any Dreamclinic location or in your home, plus the ability to share unused massages with friends and family. Sign up today to lock in your exclusive rate.