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Explore under the sea with a snorkeling adventure, or zipline through the Antigua Rainforest. Choices are endless aboard the Yachtsman's Caribbean cruise.

Take the Caribbean adventure of a lifetime with Windstar Cruises

Prospective explorers of the Caribbean Islands won't find a better way to see it all than on Wind Surf, the flagship of Windstar Cruises. The Yachtsman's Caribbean cruise will whisk you away to six different ports after you depart from Philipsburg, the capital of St. Maarten that was discovered by Columbus in 1493.

Each stop will tempt you with unique excursions, but some of them stand out amongst the rest with impressive amounts of action. Once you enter the waters of the Caribbean, these ports will keep you busy from sun up to sun down and beyond.

Gustavia/St. Barts

Just 17 miles away from St. Maarten, you'll hit your first stop in Gustavia on the island of Saint Barthélemy. Once the ship docks here, you'll be free to explore, and there's plenty to do above and below the water. Book a guided tour that will take you and up to six people by vehicle to all the highlights the island has to offer. Dazzle your eyes under the sea with a snorkeling adventure that will give you the chance to see angelfish, barred hamlet, parrotfish, trunkfish and many more. You can potentially see these fish from inside a semi-submersible boat that will allow you to avoid getting wet. When the day is over, hop on a sunset cruise before getting back on Wind Surf to continue the journey.

Jost Van Dyke

You'll make a couple more stops after St. Barts before arriving at Jost Van Dyke. You'll spend an evening and the majority of the following day there. Snorkeling, paddleboarding, and kayaking are highlights of an eco-tour that begins at the beach in Great Harbour and moves to the beach at White Bay, where you can continue doing water activities or take a break by basking in the sun, sipping on island drinks or browsing the nearby gift shops.

Virgin Gorda

From Jost Van Dyke, you'll sail to Virgin Gorda where you will arrive around dinner time and then stay for most of the next day. This is the easternmost part of the British Virgin Islands, and it's where you'll get the chance to tour the world-famous site called The Baths. Once the safari bus drops you off, it's truly an open playground for you to explore the white sands on the beach and the remarkably clear waters that are a snorkeler's dream. You can also chill by the bar on the beach or venture to the Top of the Baths restaurant that overlooks Devil's Bay National Park and the water just west of it. Virgin Gorda is also the site of the Signature Beach Party, one of the special events unique to the Windstar brand. You'll enjoy live music, barbeque dining, and equipment to enjoy the water.

Antigua/Falmouth Harbor

The final stop of the cruise is just as epic as the others, taking you back east across the Caribbean to Antigua. Zipline through the Antigua Rainforest; ride through the countryside and experience the deep West Indian culture there as well as more snorkeling; swim, feed, and touch stingrays; or go off-roading on the Antigua Buggy tour.

After all of that action, the vacation isn't over. You'll return to St. Maarten where you can do some sailboat racing or take an island tour before transferring back to your hotel or the airport.

You can book your next vacation aboard the Yachtsman's Caribbean cruise here, or test your luck at winning a trip for two on the Yachtsman's Caribbean.