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Take a magic carpet ride with Aladdin and Genie!

It's been 25 years since we all took our first magic carpet ride with Disney's Aladdin. And now, the beloved character, and his friends, are telling the classic musical tale on stage. The stars of the show stopped by Seattle Refine to give us a peek behind the curtain.

Audiences delighted in the feisty friendship between Aladdin and the Genie in the 1992 animated Disney film. Now Broadway's unbottled that magical bromance and put it on stage at Paramount Theatre.

"I play the Genie in Aladdin," said Anthony Murphy. "And, that's Aladdin's best pal. We go on some crazy adventures together. It's kind of amazing, yeah."

"It's pretty cool," continued Adam Jacobs, who plays Aladdin. "It's an iconic role that I loved watching growing up. We have a little bromance going on, and then we also have the Jasmine/Aladdin romance. You can't forget that as well. The bromance is what really sells our show."

For Anthony Murphy, he has some pretty big shoes to fill as the Genie, and he definitely feels the pressure.

"I remember coming into my very first audition and I'm thinking, Robin Williams did the animated feature which is iconic, and then James Inglehart one the Tony Award for it," said Murphy. "So much pressure! And our director literally looks at me and he goes, 'Just be yourself because you is good enough.' So, I try to bring as much of myself into it and I got to create my own Genie which was really the most amazing part of it to not have to worry about them, but still pay respect to them, but really just create my own."

You'll definitely see Murphy shine, especially in the biggest number of the show, 'Friend Like Me.'

"He does magic tricks, I'm making money appear, full tables of food out of nowhere, flowers," continued Murphy. "It's just amazing, we go on this ride together and really build this friendship. It's really awesome."

Adam Jacobs originated the part of Aladdin on Broadway, and embraces the challenge of making the character come to life.

"You want to be true to the film, and bring everything people know and love from the film, but also you want to make it your own," he explained.

With Aladdin and Genie stealing the show each night, we wondered how they keep up the show-stopping energy.

"We rely on the audience which gives a lot of that energy back, which is great because they're having so much fun out there," continued Jacobs.

"For me, I talk mostly to the audience and to Aladdin," added Murphy. "Those are the two people I talk to most of the show. So, the audience, I really rely on them. They give me a lot of energy. And, the Seattle audiences have been amazing, they've been so awesome."

You'll love all the classic moments between Aladdin, Jasmine, Jafar and Genie, but you could also say this production shows us a 'Whole New World."

"I get to sing this beautiful song that was slated for the film, but then it was cut," said Jacobs. "But, we brought it back, we restored it for the show. It's called 'Proud of Your Boy.' It's a beautiful number, it's my favorite number in the show. I'm singing it to my mother who passed away, saying I'm going to make you proud and stop stealing."

"And then we got some new numbers as well," added Murphy. "Me and Aladdin get to sing this really awesome song, 'Somebody's Got Your Back.' That's where you really get to see this bromance develop and this friendship come to life because they really are relying on each other. He's helping Aladdin win this beautiful princess over and in turn is gaining a friend and at the end, hopefully freedom."

Disney's Aladdin runs through October 29. Click here for tickets.