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5 Star Pastries Are Just A Ferry Ride Away

Bremerton has hit the bakery jackpot! We took a ferry to try some pastries that everyone is talking about. New shop Saboteur is run by pastry pro Matt Tinder and his fiancee Kate Giuggio. Guess what? It lived up to the hype!

Matt left Michelin-starred restaurants in California to bring his talents to Bremerton of all places.

"A lot of people ask us why Bremerton? This town is awesome and it's a good community that needed a good bakery," Giuggio said. "After coming from such high-end restaurants it's a nice feeling to bring something that's wanted."

The couple thought about opening in Seattle, but decided against it.

"Why bring sand to the beach, when there are other communities that would benefit equally?" Tinder said.

And the people of Bremerton thank you! Tinder may have left the 5-star life, but he is definitely still turning out 5-star pastries.

"I can do whatever I want," Tinder said. "If I don't feel like doing something today, I can just do something else."

Fan favorites are the ham and cheese, and chocolate croissants...and don't get us started on the scones...

"You don't think a scone is going to blow your mind, but then it does."

Consensus is? Definitely worth the ferry ride.