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This Seattle Gal Will Change The Way You Think About Ice Cream

Lauren Wilson is on the verge of sweet success! She's about to bring her homemade ice cream to the masses and we have to admit, it's seriously some of the best ice cream we've ever tasted.

Here's why: It's homemade, there's no artificial flavors and she will make any flavor you want. ANY FLAVOR! (She once made White Cheddar Cheese Ice Cream for a guy who wanted it for his Apple Pie)

Lauren Wilson started Sweet Lo's Ice Cream after learning the ways of homemade ice cream in Vermont.

"The second that I tasted homemade ice cream, my world shifted," said Wilson. "So, I moved back to Seattle and within a week and I started my business."

And we are so glad she did! Our Refined team has never met anyone more passionate about ice cream and her flavors prove it.

Lauren used Instagram to take pictures of her ice cream and people would email her with orders. She then would hand deliver the ice cream to their doors.

"How I grew my business is I focused on custom ice cream. People would reach out and say 'my brother's favorite flavor is lemon bar and I've never been able to find that will you make that for me?' and I was able to!" she said.

Lauren also doesn't skip on top sellers like Cookies N' Cream, it's seriously packed with oreos!

Demand became so high, Lauren started a GoFundMe page to raise money for a commercial pasteurizer so she could turn out more homemade ice cream without sacrificing the flavor. Her ice cream supporters donated $17,000 and she's on her way to grocery store shelves.

"Get ready Seattle, there's a lot more ice cream coming your way!" said Wilson. We can't wait Lauren!