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AAA can help your road trip go smoothly this summer, whether your plans include a vacation, college preparation, or moving your graduate into a new home.

Summer travel tips for senior graduates and their families

Summer is approaching, and that means it's also graduation season! This can be a time to congratulate the graduates in your life and celebrate their accomplishments.

Whether your plans include summer vacation, college preparation, or moving your graduate into a new home, you probably have some traveling. Before you embark on your trip, consider some of these precautions to make your experience a positive one. AAA Washington can alleviate a lot of stress when it comes to planning a getaway or a road trip to college.

Plan your route

Take a look at a map before you start driving so you can decide on a path to your destination. This will also help you think about where you want to stop for gas and food. If you do run out of gas along the way, AAA can bail you out with fuel delivery to your location.

Stop somewhere for the night

Get as much as you can out of your long road trip. If you're traveling across multiple states, try to connect the dots between your destination and some of the highlights along the way. AAA can help you find hotel discounts too, so you don't have to risk driving long hours while you're tired.

Don't lock your keys in your car

Locking your car is a smart habit, but make sure you have your keys with you when you do it. As recently as 2012, AAA rescued more than 4 million drivers who had locked themselves out of their vehicles. AAA reported that the number of drivers who had done this had not decreased in the previous five years, even though "smart" car keys were becoming more common.

Keep the windows clear

Don't cover every square inch of your vehicle with the stuff your future college student wants to bring for their dorm. Clear any obstructions away from windows so you can see your surroundings. If you think you have too much cargo, consider buying some supplies when you get to the college town. Or you can visit for help renting a larger vehicle.

Secure your load if you place anything on top of your vehicle

A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that hundreds of thousands of crashes happen because of road debris. These crashes tend to occur on highways and during the daytime when there are more drivers on the road. Take the extra time to tie down anything in the back or on top of your vehicle to protect other drivers.

Travel insurance

It's an extra cost, but in these uncertain times, you never know what can happen. Travel insurance can protect against trip delays or cancellations, and it can also cover you for any medical emergencies that prevent you from taking a vacation. AAA can help you purchase this safety net on their website.

Service your car

Before you embark on your adventure, visit the shop to make sure your car is up to date on repairs. AAA members can count on roadside assistance and car repair discounts, but isn't it better to reach your destination without any trouble?

Watch out for your vehicle overheating

Long road trips and hot weather are a combination that could lead to an overheated vehicle. There are many potential reasons for your car overheating, but the important thing is to stop your vehicle as soon as possible and get off the road. If this does happen, roadside assistance or the Breakdown Rental Car Program are available.

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