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Refined got an all-access pass to go behind the scenes at 'America's Show' - the iconic game show Wheel of Fortune! One highlight: An exclusive interview with stars Pat Sajak and Vanna White. (Courtesy: Seattle Refined)

Stunning Secrets from the 'Wheel of Fortune' Set

It dazzles, delights and creates the perfect backdrop for what may be America's most beloved game show.

Pat Sajak and Vanna White may be the stars of Wheel of Fortune, but it's that amazing, ever changing set that really shines.

"It’s fun and it’s exciting," said Renee Hoss-Johnson. "We just have a lot of fun doing it."

Hoss-Johnson has worked on Wheel for 35 years. She's the production designer - overseeing the entire process of putting together sensational sets.

"It’s great, we have an incredible group of producers that come up with great themes," she said. "They allow us to design almost anything we can think of."

According to Hoss-Johnson, part of the magic of the picture perfect set perspective.

"We try to make things layered, so everything in the foreground is a little bit bigger and as we go farther back in the set it gets smaller."

One of their most recent works was close to home for us - they included some famous local landmarks in their "Great Northwest Week" set.

When it came to creating some landmarks for Seattle - the choice was simple.

"The Space Needle is an icon," she said. "And when I look at all of the pictures and all the research I do in Seattle it was front and center."

Set design includes ideas, props and even building new pieces from scratch.

Before they construct anything - they create a kind of blue print. She showed us the plans - and they are pretty detailed! They even did a little miniature Space Needle.

They also included another landmark - the Monorail.

"We always like to try and put movement in our sets whenever possible," she said. "The coolest thing about Seattle with the Monorail is we could put it in our set behind Pat, so when there’s a closeup on Pat - the monorail will just go right behind him on camera."

Here's a fun fact - something you may not realize if you’re watching from home is that there’s a ton of detail in these sets. It takes 10 stagehands over night to flip this to a different set.

"We have a great time and you know what? The more detail we put in the funner it is for us," smiled Hoss - Johnson.

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