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Storyville Rising: An Immersive Cabaret Experience

One of the things we are committed to doing here on Refined is sharing all things Seattle has to offer... from the mainstream to the way out there. That's where Seattle Immersive Theater comes in. Their latest offering is definitely for adults only, which is all the enticement that is needed.

Storyville Rising is Seattle Immersive Theater's newest production, taking audiences to the infamous "red-light district" in New Orleans in the early 1900s.

"You get to kind of, what I call, go through the stations of the cross as you're learning about the era of Storyville," said David Crellin, Creator, Writer and Director. "And also being informed with this idea of moral ambiguity, you know that you're in this sensual, sexy environment, then you're also having to process oh, god, there's some really heavy stuff happening here."

This show is an exploration of sex, race, power and privilege in reconstruction-era America, told through historical narrative, music, burlesque and cabaret. And just when you think you've seen it all, there's a surprise only a few will experience.

"Maybe two or three people a night will get pulled off into these side experiences," said Crellin. "I think it is a really interesting way to approach theater because you kind of have this mini experience inside of the greater experience."