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Snoqualmie Casino is reopening to the public with extra safety precautions to keep everyone healthy and the good times rolling.

Snoqualmie Casino reopening with new safety precautions, same thrills

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Snoqualmie Casino isn't going anywhere. That's right, the place you rely on for weekend getaways, award-winning food, beautiful scenery, and national entertainment will remain. But there will be one big difference when the doors reopen on June 11. Snoqualmie Casino is fully upgrading its safety protocols in an effort to protect both guests and employees.

That means you'll still get the same experience you've come to expect from Seattle's closest casino, but it'll look a little different.

"The health and wellness of our guests, team members, and community continue to take precedence over anything else," says Snoqualmie Tribe Chairman Robert de los Angeles. "As an entertainment venue that welcomes guests from all over the region, it is our responsibility to do everything we can to not only adhere to health guidelines and recommendations but to exceed them."

Here's what you'll see the next time you visit Snoqualmie Casino.


These clear panes will separate guests from casino employees and each other at the tables on the casino floor as well as any of the customer service stations located throughout the building. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, coronavirus spreads from person-to-person contact and through the air. These shields act as barriers so everyone stays safe and you continue to have fun!


Snoqualmie Casino will give all guests a mask to wear inside if they haven't brought one of their own. All staff members will also be required to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you'd like to hang out without a mask, you can visit a new outdoor mask-free zone where you can take in some fresh air.

Temperature scanning

The CDC recommends that you should quarantine yourself if you're sick. That's why Snoqualmie Casino asks that you remain at home if you have a fever. Everyone entering the building will receive a temperature scan and will be asked to return later if they have a fever higher than 100.4 degrees.


You'll see reminders displayed throughout the premises, educating guests about the importance of respecting the space of others. Instead of spreading disease, these signs spread the word about safety protocols and courtesies.

Social distancing

Snoqualmie Casino offers 1,700 slot machines and over 50 table games to guests. The variety won't disappear, but new social distancing measures will separate players from each other in terms of machine availability and where chairs are placed at the tables. Restaurant venues will operate at limited capacity at first, and seating will be adjusted to promote social distancing. Elevator capacity will be limited as well.

Sanitization and fresh air

Staff members will continuously clean popular surfaces throughout the casino to keep everything looking and feeling fresh. Hand sanitizing stations were already provided before the closure, but you can still count on these in high-traffic areas. The air inside will be refreshed eight times per hour using HVAC systems to pump in air from outside the casino.

"We take pride in being Seattle's closest casino, which means we will do what we can to support community safety and continue to set unparalleled standards to do so," says Snoqualmie Casino Interim President and CEO Stanford Le.

Snoqualmie Casino will reopen June 11 at 6 a.m. Check out all that Snoqualmie Casino has to offer by visiting their website. You can also see everything they're doing to respond to the COVID-19 threat by clicking here.