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Hungry? Here are 3 local buffets you NEED in your life

Take a deep breath and loosen up that belt - we went on the hunt for the best buffets! Be honest, the phrase "All You Can Eat" can be music to your ears when you are starving and looking for good grub. Seafood, fried chicken or pizza? How about, ALL OF IT. That's why our Refined crew went and checked out some of the best buffets in the Puget Sound and they did not disappoint.

  1. Blue Fin Sushi & Seafood Buffet - This family-owned restaurant at the Northgate Mall turns out serious sushi, crab legs and Asian cuisine. It's one of the most high-class buffets on our list, but the price is right. It was also named Best Buffet in Washington State by Yahoo! so we aren't alone on how we feel.
  2. Umma's Lunch Box Buffet - This buffet spot may be hard to find, but it's totally worth it. Umma's Lunch Box is under the 5th Ave Theater and is some of the best Korean food in town. The goal is to fill up a box with as much food as possible. If you don't, the owner will ask you to go back. (I mean, how awesome is that?)
  3. Falls Buffet at Snoqualmie Casino - We can't have a Best Buffet list and not hit up a casino! Falls Buffet at Snoqualmie Casino is the granddaddy of all buffets. It has 5 different food sections that include Italian, a Mongolian grill and a dessert bar on steroids. (Chocolate fountain anyone? They have that too!) Tip: There are some great lunch deals if you can check it out during the day.

Do you have a buffet or restaurant you want us to check out? Email us at to let us know.