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Seed art 2.jpg
(Image: Seed Art by Becky Hoover)

Seattle Artist Turns Seeds into Blooming Masterpieces

Most artists use paint and brushes, but not Becky Hoover. All she needs is some seeds, a toothpick and A LOT OF TIME to create her masterpiece.

"This is seed art or crop art," Hoover said, "I have some pieces that can take up to 50 hours to complete."

You almost have to do a double-take when you see one of Becky's pieces on her ETSY page DearGawd. The attention is in the detail and when you look close, you can see hundreds and hundreds of seeds that make up a portrait. For example, an awesome snake is made up of sunflower seeds or Jareth from the Labyrinth has pine needles for hair! (That's my favorite BTW).

The first thing I think of when I see Hoover's artwork is "There's no way I could have the patience for that!" But for Hoover, it's not hard work... it's a passion.

"This kind of started as a selfish thing. I was making pieces for myself and I posted pictures on social media and then people asked to buy them. The biggest commission so far has been $350, but I would do it whether people wanted to buy them or not. I can't describe the feeling when you are in the zone. I can sit there for five or six hours without a break. It's the best high I could imagine," she said.

To check out Becky's seed art CLICK HERE