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Seattle artist creates creepy dolls (some even with real teeth!)

SEATTLE (SR) - Most girls grow out of playing with dolls, but not Brenda.

For the last few years, dolls have become this West Seattleite's creative and VERY creepy passion. She paints old dolls, transforming them into chilling works of art that she sells on her Etsy page Adopt A Creepy Doll.

She's well aware it's a creepy hobby.

"I could have never imagined 20 years ago I would say I would be painting creepy dolls," said the artist, who didn't want to use her last name. "But we were going to host a Halloween party three years ago and we were trying to think of a theme and my son was freaked by Chucky from the horror movie 'Child's Play' and we decided to go with creepy dolls."

Next thing you know, people wanted to know where they could get those dolls and her business was born. We have to admit the dolls are pretty disturbing yet fascinating to look at it. One scroll through her Instagram page and you will see for yourself.

Some dolls look like they were brought back from the dead ...

Others have real teeth -- yes, REAL teeth!

Don't be too freaked out by the teeth! Brenda says they were given to her ... well, sort of.

"One doll has my puppy's teeth in her mouth after loosing her tooth," she said. "I also have neighbor kids who lost their teeth -- and I paid them $5 a tooth and put them in dolls."

But before you judge Brenda and her unique hobby, it's important to note that these freaky dolls help a foundation.

All of the proceeds go to a nonprofit called The Red Barn Equine Rescue in Renton, Washington, that helps save horses.

"It's basically one love going to another," said Brenda.

To learn more about Adopt A Creepy Doll, follow Brenda on Instagram and to see more, watch the video above!