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(Image: Salish Sea Tours)

Sneak Peek: Salish Sea Tours debuts brand new boats

During the summer, Seattle is usually a hotbed for tourism - but that's of course taken a serious hit because of the health crisis.

One struggling spot includes Pier 57 on the waterfront, home to Miner's Landing and the Seattle Great Wheel. And on top of the health crisis, the seawall also needs some emergency work done.

But when things are back to normal again, the people at Pier 57 have a new attraction in the works that will make a big splash. And we got a sneak peek.

You could say they are the latest one-two punch in the Puget Sound. Meet Orca One and Orca 2, the latest addition of Miner's Landing at Pier 57. The Orcas are the headliners for the new Salish Sea Tours that will give locals and visitors a captivating and unique perspective of Seattle now and then, all while touring Elliott Bay.

"We’ve got it set up with extra large windows so people can actually experience the tour from here," said Brian Nichols, Director of Operations. "You know how our inclement weather here in Seattle can be, if it’s pouring rain you can still go on a really cool tour sitting in here."

Stadium seats get everybody a spot on the boat that feels like first class. Every inch of the Orcas was thought out, and built in Bellingham. It took over a year to finish these beauties, the construction was a work of art. Even the engine room shines like a museum.

"We had the Duamish Tribe on board, we recently had the Pacific Northwest Tribal Councilmembers on board - we consulted multiple different Native Americans [for the boat's aesthetic]," said Nichols. "The art on here has been done by Native Americans all the way up to some of the First Nation people in Canada. A lot of detail and attention was put into that."

It's a large part of the tour, as well.

"Throughout the tour, which includes a promotion to learn more about the Native Americans. It's the first part of the Pacific Northwest, this is their home first."

Each Orca is 93 feet long, 26.5 feet wide and can comfortably hold 149 passengers.

"I think with this boat and the tours, everything changes daily," said Nichols. "The air changes, the sky changes, every time you get on board for tour it feels like a different experience."

There is something captivating and ivniting about these romantic Orcas. They are special crafts bringing joy to everyone, building memories for a lifetime.

While tour guides on the Salish Sea Tours are on hold right now, they hope to use the vessels as water taxis from West Seattle to Pier 57 very soon.