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Stress is among one of the main factors that can contribute to hormone imbalances in men and women.

Regulate your hormones with the help of Purity Medical Spa

People get tired and stressed for all sorts of reasons. It's hard to control things like long hours at work, weekly errands, moving to a new home, taking care of children or pets, and anything else life throws at you. Throw in the aging process (because nobody is getting any younger), and you're looking at a lot of things that could cause a hormonal imbalance.

Your hormones are one of the most important regulatory systems embedded in your body. Hormones are chemical messengers within your blood that communicate with tissues and organs to control important bodily functions like digestion, metabolism, respiration, sleep, growth, and mood. Naturally, if you're breathing, sleeping, and eating well, your life is going to be easier. If a hormonal imbalance is causing problems in those areas, you're probably experiencing chaos inside and outside of your body.

Stress, diet, and varying exercise levels can all impact hormone function. An imbalance can lead to mood swings, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, weight fluctuations, or acne. Of course, these symptoms could be related to other conditions, but a blood test at Purity Medical Spa will determine if you're eligible for hormone replacement therapy.

Purity Medical Spa utilizes a method that places pellets inside your body that replicate real hormones. Instead of adding hormones to your body orally or topically, the pellets contain hormones identical to the ones inside your body. It's called BioTE hormone therapy, and it's available for both men and women. The best part is that it acts quickly. Patients say they feel much more regulated within just two to four weeks of starting the BioTE treatment.

If you're looking for some other services that will address some of the effects of a hormonal imbalance, Purity Medical Spa offers those too. Hydrafacials rejuvenate your skin and provide a deep clean below the surface. These treatments peel and purify the skin, unclog pores, and remove grease, all without any irritation. They also help repair wrinkles, skin elasticity, and dark spots.

"Coolsculpting" freezes fat cells while keeping skin cells healthy, giving patients an alternative to surgery or any procedure involving needles. If you've gained weight because of a hormonal imbalance, you can try "coolsculpting" to get rid of fat in your neck, lower back, abs, and thighs. You can choose one of Purity Medical Spa's individualized weight loss programs if you want to lose weight naturally.

Everyone wants to feel beautiful inside and out. Look in your own backyard here in Seattle, and you'll find that Purity Medical Spa can help you do that.

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