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Instructor Sam Picart showed the class how it's done. (photo: Sam Picart Facebook Page)

This Seattle hip-hop class is hard, but so freaking fun

Let's be honest, most people love to dance (mainly in the privacy of their own home) but, either way, people love to BREAK. IT. DOWN. That's why we're dedicating May to be our Unofficial Official Dance Month. You're welcome.

We're going to try out as many different styles as we can, but we thought we'd kick it off with a universal winner: Hip-Hop.

When we heard about Sam Picart's class at eXit Space - School of Dance, we knew our Unofficial Official Dance Team (aka web writer Gena Wynkoop and TV contributor Carey Brandenburg) had to take it! Sam's dance videos have raked up thousands of views on Youtube, and he even won a dance competition on The Ellen Show.

Bottom line: he's crazy good and kind of a big deal.

"I started dancing when I was 15 or 16 in my bedroom," he said. "I would watch a lot of Prince and Michael Jackson videos and try to do what they did, try to look cool in the mirror. I then took some ballet and I ended up loving it, so that's when I realized I loved dance in general."

Now Sam teaches Tuesdays and Thursday classes at eXit Space, but is taking a break this month to audition for "So You Think You Can Dance!" You have our vote bud!

But enough about the pro dancers - how did our newbies do??? You gotta see it, to believe it. Video clip is above, enjoy!