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Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market's Holiday Treasure Map

In this day and age, when more and more people are doing their shopping online... there is something to be said for the personal connection and great discoveries you can make shopping local. One of our favorite local spots to buy and browse is Pike Place Market. It not only has unique, local, handmade gifts, it's also ready to help map your trip to the perfect present.

"What we do here is so different and I really want people to have that experience of going shopping with their family and strolling through the market" said Emily Crawford, Director of Marketing and Communications at Pike Place Market.

Who needs elves when you have Pike Place Market's brand new interactive gift guide... offering a new take on the holiday wish list.

"It's an online, offline gift guide," explained Crawford. "So, we're asking people to go online to our website and to check out our gift guide, which allows you to create your own shopping list and a personalized map to find gifts here at the Market."

The 110-year-old Market has no shortage of things to add to that list. The guide includes more than 70 items to choose from in seven different categories.

"We have farmers, we have stocking stuffers, we have deck your shelves. So, we have a lot of different items from different categories of merchants in the Market."

A great stocking stuffer this year is Market Charms.

"This is our last holiday season to get a charm," said Patricia Gray, Capital Campaign Manager, Pike Place Market Foundation. "A $180 donation is what it takes, and this holiday season, your donation supports social services and the low-income housing that we have here in Pike Place Market."

The charms line the fences of the new MarketFront with everything from family names to marriage proposals and even a haiku or two!

There's no question shopping will happen this gift-giving season, and for Pike Place Market, bringing back that personal connection is what the holiday spirit is all about.

"I think this day in age, we're getting further apart from each other," said Crawford. "I think even though we're connected on social media, we're on our phones all the time, talking to each other, we're not talking to each other face to face, and I think having that authentic, historical experience here at the Market allows people to make that connection and to have those conversations, and to really see the humanity in each other."

The deadline for Market Charms this holiday season is December 17. To find the Pike Place Market Offline Gift Guide, click here.