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When we posted that our friends at Bath Fitter N.W. wanted to spruce up a viewer bathroom with a shower or tub upgrade - we weren't sure they response we'd get. But the photos have flooded in, all requesting that they be picked for Bath Makeover! Take a look at these viewer photos, and let us know who you think deserve the #BathUpgrade! (Image: Justin Allen)

These bathrooms need professional help

Here at Seattle Refined, we are all about makeovers. We've transformed dorms...porches...and now we are ready to take on one of the most treasured rooms of the house.

The Bathroom.

That's right - we want to spruce up your bathrooom! Are you looking for an upgrade for your shower or tub? We're teaming up with Bath Fitter N.W. to make that happen.

Bath Fitter knows their stuff; their one-piece shower and bathtub encloseures are made out of durable materials that are guaranteed to last.

It's pretty easy too. You just pick your style, color and fixtures - then Bath Fitter N.W. will build your shower or tub and install it. Best part? Most installations only take one day!

So, are you ready for that bathroom upgrade? Let us know why you deserve one, and don't forget to send us photos! We've had tons of submissions so far (check out the gallery), but act fast! We plan on picking someone in the next couple weeks.