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Slowly and delicately poured over delicious mousse cakes, mirror glazing takes cake aesthetic to a whole new level. At Mousse Boutique, Anastasia Stratulat is a master as she carefully designs beautiful edible art pieces through her high quality minimalist designs. (Image: Ryan McBoyle / Seattle Refined)

Local baker shows us the mesmerizing art of Mirror Glazed Cakes

When you think of cake, traditional layers and icing probably come to mind.

But not if you're Anastasia Stratulat of Mousse Boutique. She's not just a baker - she's a master artist who designs beautiful and edible pieces called "Mirror Glazed Cakes."

Not only are the desserts tasty confections, but the process is satisfying to watch. Stratulat slowly and delicately pours the sweet glaze over a delicious mousse cakes and the end result is perfection. It almost looks fake!

"Someone asked me is that a real thing and [if it's] plastic," Stratulat said. "I was like 'NO, it's real, you can eat it!'"

Like most people, Stratulat saw mirror glazed cakes on social media and decided to learn the skill herself from online tutorials like YouTube.

"Everyone started joking [that] Anatasia's bakery will be open soon," Stratulat said, "And after a couple months - I really did that."

She now runs her own business where customers can order these mesmerizing mirror glazed cakes online, and no two are the same. We left wishing that we could watch her make every cake!

According to Mousse Boutique's website, Mirror Cakes are one of the latest trends in the dessert world. Naked or covered in a stunning glaze, mousse cakes will easily become the highlight of your event.