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Seattle Refined host Gaard Swanson interviews Jacklyn Zeman, the actress who plays Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer, on the set of General Hospital. The soap opera aired on ABC is listed in the Guinness World Records as the longest-running American soap opera in production. (Sy Bean / Seattle Refined)

Getting to know the stars of General Hospital

It's General Hospital week on Seattle Refined! We are giving you VIP access to the iconic soap after visiting the LA studio recently. Being on set was amazing, but chatting with stars was WAY cooler than we expected. They talked about their favorite crazy storylines and some 'fun facts' you probably didn't know.

For example, did you know James Patrick Stuart aka bad boy Valentin Cassadine comes from a famous background?

"Some people remember Chad and Jeremy from the 1960s. My dad is Chad Stuart and he's one of the writers of A Summer Song," said Stuart, "My earliest memories were hanging out with his publicist who also represented The Beatles. I remember hanging out George Harrison."

Some stars also talked about their favorite plots over the years. Jacklyn Zeman aka Bobbie Spencer, who has been on the show for 40 of the 53 years, said she will always remember "BJ's Heart". It was a storyline that won critical acclaim and several awards for the heart transplant of Bobbie's braindead adoptive daughter. So sad right?!?

But Michelle Stafford aka Nina Clay had the best response!

"The craziest storyline was when I wanted a woman's child. I felt like I was owed her child and I gave her drugs to put her into labor and I took her child out of her womb. I mean I didn't cut it out. I waited for her to give birth.... I wasn't THAT crazy," she casually tells us.

We got some more good stuff! Check out the video and enjoy.