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Did you know the first Cinnabon opened in 1985 in Federal Way, WA? Crazy pants! Since it's officially a LOCAL business, we considered it our solemn duty to venture into the kitchen of one local shop to see how the crazy addictive goodness is made. 283,519 calories is a gallery of how these sweet treats are made. Since 1985, there are now over 1,200 locations in 48 different countries. The entire product line is made from scratch, and are baked fresh every half hour in each store. (Sy Bean / Seattle Refined)

Cinnabon is from the PNW?! We didn't know either...

So you’re walking through the mall, minding your own business and then.

It hits you.

The irresistible scent of fresh bread mingling with cinnamon and gobs of cream cheese frosting. It could only mean one thing there must be a Cinnabon nearby.

Greg Komen was there when the first Cinnabon bakery opened in SeaTac more than 30 years ago. He says he and his dad teamed up with a local baker to bring the best cinnamon roll they could make to as many people as possible.

And the result is delicious.

“We opened our first bakery December 1985. It's been incredible," said Komen. "We grew it from the first bakery to 380 stores. We sold it in 1999, and now the company has more than 1,200 Cinnabons all across the world.”

Komen and his dad may have sold the Cinnabon Company but they still own a few stores, one of them in Bellevue Collection Mall. He says he still eats at least one Cinnabon a month and the secret to their success is simple.

“Oven Hot," he explained. "(They’re) served oven hot. We've never deviated from that in 32 years. The ingredients are all fresh. We make it from scratch in the bakery made with love, hand-rolled here and served oven hot.”

First, a giant lump of dough is flattened and covered with copious amounts of butter and sweet delicious cinnamon. Then, the dough is rolled into a log to form the signature Cinnabon swirl. Finally the rolled dough is carefully sliced into individual rolls before heading into the oven.

The result is delicious!