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(Image: Danny Clinch)

MoPop's Pearl Jam exhibit is Ready to Rock!

The "Pearl Jam, Home and Away" exhibit at MoPop is a showcase of priceless memorabilia from the hometown rock heroes' rise to stardom and continuing influence on the music scene around the world. Jacob McMurray is a curator at MoPop and says this collection is a must-see for grunge fans.

“We’ve got instruments and equipment from all the band members," said McMurray. "It’s a comprehensive feast of the eyes for any level of Pearl Jam fan."

There's stage-worn flannel, splintered guitars, original demo tapes, tons of art, vintage Pearl Jam show flyers, an MTV Music Award, a Grammy - and even the acoustic guitar used while writing "Jeremy".

The exhibition features hundreds of items from nearly 30 years of rock and roll.

"We have a selection of Eddie Vedder's composition books, [and] we opened up to several pages where you can see famous song lyrics but also doodles and illustrations,” said McMurray. “The band started in Seattle, has deep roots here, going back to even before Pearl Jam with Mother Love Bone and Green River - Pearl Jam being one of the original Grunge Bands to explode out of Seattle.”

MoPop says the exhibition is included with the price of general admission, for more info, Click here.