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(Image: Courtesy of Seabrook)

Paradise on the Pacific: Exploring the Washington Coast

Since the health crisis began, more and more people are working remotely - and some companies are keeping their employees at home for the long haul.

That has a lot of families leaving big counties and heading for the mountains, or the coast. This includes vacation towns like Seabrook, WA. I've visited many times before, and it's one of my favorite spots.

But there's also a lot to do in town, and beyond.

"I was just outside yesterday morning catching some pretty good dang waves," said Buck Gilkes of Red Cedar Surf Co. "It’s absolutely epic when I’m out there you can see the Olympic Mountains over the trees, perfect waves, watching the seals, black dolphins and porpoises go by - it’s pretty epic."

Seabrook, endless fun for the entire family. This oceanside oasis is just a couple of hours from Seattle, and the perfect getaway. Casey Roloff is the visionary behind the Seabrook magic - every day, every step, everywhere he looks - Roloff knows Seabrook is unique, especially in these crazy times we're all facing.

"Definitely people looking for more creative spaces to work and also have students do their work, kids doing their classes online," he said. "There’s no better place you can do your work and they didn’t get outside in a natural area - the parks playgrounds of course the beach, the forest and you don’t need to get in your car. That’s what this is all about."

With miles of beaches at their doorstep, the visiting Nelson family of Kent couldn't wait to hit the sand with their dog Bo. They're an active family who plays hard and works hard. All three children are in school, online - because the health crisis. For them Seabrook offers an ideal spot to plug in, or unplug.

"The place we're staying is super clean," said Anthony Nelson. "We can come as a family, know that we’re gonna be safe, have access to high-speed Internet. I can get work done, [and] when I’m finished with work we can come to the beach and have a good time."

"It’s so fun because you can be outside as you’re doing your schoolwork," said daughter Ava. "Especially now because school is online - you can sit outside on the deck, be on your class call and work on your schoolwork. Go for a little walk and take a break. It’s just so fun, everyone here is so happy and has dogs with them and everyone’s just running around having fun."

It’s no question Seabrook is a perfect destination paradise, but it’s also it’s an ideal launching pad to explore the area. Just minutes up the road sits the quaint town of Moclips. First stop, Beach Daisy - a cute shop where you'll find everything from soaps, to candles, to apparel and home furnishings.

"I am amazed by the things people buy," said Debbie Jones. "They like the soap and I tell them which one I like. The jewelry and everything, and all the beach stuff you would want to have in your home to decorate your home when you’re here at the beach."

And right around the corner, the Museum of the North Beach. It tells the story of this incredible area - did you know the movie "McQ", starring legendary actor John Wayne was filmed here at Pacific Beach during the summer fo 1973? It ranked as one of Hollywood's greatest chase scenes.

And if you're really adventurous, ninety mnutes up highway 101 North sits Ruby Beach, arguably one of the most spectacular and unique spots in the U.S.

"It’s quite amazing," said Theo Asimakopoulos. "We walked on the trail - when you get down there it is fabulous, its stupendous. You have these huge monoliths, these rocks that are spread out, and the surf is pounding and you hear this incredible energy."

It's nonstop adventure in and around Seabookr, paradice on the Pacific.

"It’s so fun to hang out with family and friends, go to the beach, go to the soccer fields, play around messing round with people with family and friends," said Grace Nelson.

Roloff feels grateful Seabrook is a place people are finding refuge right now.

"This has always been an inclusive and welcoming place, and now that’s just shining more brightly."