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Raindrop Cake at The Moo Bar in South Lake Union (photo: The Moo Bar Facebook)

This zero calorie dessert is our latest obsession

There are tons of sweet shops around Seattle, but there's one that really takes the cake when it comes to unique. The Moo Bar in South Lake Union specializes in different drinks and desserts including a sparkling boba tea and a waffle ice cream dream.

But it's a clear blob thingy that really piqued our interest.

It's called the Raindrop Cake (can you guess why?) and it's a whopping zero calories.

"Originally it's from Japan, and it's made with a special powder and mineral water - that's it.," said owner Vivienne Tran. " We actually have people love it so much they just keep coming back and they bring more friends."

Almost as much fun as eating it? Taking photos of it.

"People also love to take photos of the raindrop cake and upload it to Instagram," she laughed.

You can get one with little flavor just for the experience, or you can get different flavors like coconut and milk tea.

So what does it taste like? It's cold, refreshing and disappears in your mouth really quickly. Think Jell-O without all the sugar!

But to get the full raindrop experience, you need to try it yourself!

More info, hours and location online at Moo Bar's website.